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As an avid, ferocious reader of practically anything written, be it historical, fantasy, thrillers or spy novels, I tend to lean more to the paranormal genre. I have always been fascinated with anything occult. I hope you enjoy my foray into writing and appreciate what I create.

I was born in Montreal, Canada to Greek parents who loved to indulge me with tales of mythology and history. Work kept me busy for many years and thoughts of writing were present but time did not allow me to pursue my dreams.

Working over thirty years in the financial sector, I was thankfully able to take early retirement, focus on my family and allow my imagination to be reborn. The tales I tell are from the heart, personal to me and my characters hopefully come alive for you.

I hope to keep you entertained with my travels, historical references and the inspiration of using places I’ve been to in my writing.


​Nia Markos

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Insights and Musings

Can you guess the inspiration for the underground council headquarters? The grand archways and steep ceilings of this wondrous cathedral date back to 597 A.D.  

This is where you will find Thaleia, the current head of the council, along with the members representing their preternatural races. There is turmoil presently. The vampires and werewolves are close to resuming their war. Come back to find out why. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Insights and Musings

Nia Markos

So, picture yourself exiting the palace, out to the courtyard, and walking to the last archway on your right. No one is about, and even if they were, your crossing under the arch would go unnoticed. You would magically be transported hundreds of feet below the palace, where the Guardians of the Accords, the council members governing the preternatural races, could be found on most days. The spell guarding the passage causes an instant state of forgetfulness in any humans who may notice the disappearing. Once below...well that is for another day. 

Come back to find out more.

Friday, July 7, 2017

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Rain today. Again. This summer is turning out to be a wash out.
Is it sunny, warm where you are?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

     Palazzo Pitti (or Pitti Palace ), and its surrounding Boboli Gardens, is one of my favorite spots in the entrancing city of Florence. If you love art or history, then you have come to the right place. The city itself captures the imagination. From the gothic Basilica of Santa Croce, to the Piazza della Signoria, where you can marvel at a copy of Michelangelo's David, Florence has that magical quality of  taking you back in time. Sitting at an outdoor cafe, or restaurant, the various imposing statues that line the Piazza are overshadowed by the impressive Palazzo Vecchio. The Medici family's influence over the city is everywhere you look. Their love of the arts during their reign over Florence has made it the place to be to view some of the most renowned works of art.
     The way to Pitti Palace is full of wonders as well. My favorite route is through Piazzale degli Uffizi. The courtyard of this museum holds statues of Michiavelli, Da Vinci and Galileo, to name but a few. Once past the courtyard, the adjacent street leads directly to Ponte Vecchio. Overcrowded most days by visiting tourists, the old stone covered bridge, lined with shops, crosses over the Arno river.
     Pitti Palace is a short walk along the road that meets the bridge. The galleries housed within the palace contain over five hundred Renaissance paintings, sculptures and artifacts. I could spend days strolling through them. At the other end of the entrance, an arched doorway leads out to the newer constructed courtyard, from where the gardens are accessed.
      The gardens themselves are a wonder. With their many sculptures dating from the 16th through the 18th centuries, one can get lost in the walkways bordered by immaculately trimmed hedges. You cannot go a few steps before finding something to stop and admire.
     But, it was the courtyard leading to the gardens with its many archways that inspired me to make it the entrance to the world I am creating. I needed a site for the council governing over the paranormal races and what better place than in Florence. The palace offered me the perfect venue to create an underground network, one that none but those governed by the council are aware of.
     It is still a work in progress. Keep following for more insights on the developing story.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Canada Day (Belated)!!

     This is my first post since a slight redesign on my blog. I've been very remiss in updating this site and adding new content. So here goes. I'm seven chapters into my new novel and I am excited about the way its going.
     My crime is set, the characters are developing and I've been researching venomous snakes.  That and how someone dies with their blood completely coagulated.  Also, I've been using my recent travels to Florence as the back story for the location of the Guardians of the Accords.
     More information on that to come. Think, Pitti Palace, for now.  I'll fill you in on that later this week.

     Have a great week and read!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Book 2 Now Available
Visit http://www.niamarkos.com/venture.html for purchase options

Liam is injured, Aidan is missing and Alexa is alone. Continuing on her search for the Kaemorra, Alexa must push aside everything else and concentrate only on her mission. It becomes impossible to ignore what she must do, who to trust with her heart. Fearing her life was never her own, the ache she experiences over the absence of one of the brothers forces her to come to a realization . 
Perils, dangers await her at every turn. In order to save the one she loves, she may have to forfeit her own life. Just when it seems she has the upper hand, her actions have the most unfortunate results.

“Aidan is not coming back. Deal with it. You are mine.” The words passed his lips, showing no emotion.

​A cold shiver ran down my spine. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

     Book 2 of The Crystal series is out and available everywhere. The third and last installment is in the process of being edited. Should be out around September 10th. I am now focusing on my next ongoing series which will be devoted to my heroine Elleanor Stone. Developing the characters and the backgrounds for the stories is almost complete. Visit www.niamarkos.com for updates.